I am an art student currently finishing off my A level studies. I usually create detailed scientific illustration to pass the time and enjoy film + digital photography.
I visited CERN to see the ATLAS detector (part of the Large Hadron Collider) September 2013.

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Any other aibo owners sit with their bots when they’re off? I definitely over anthropomorphize mine but I’ll bring her downstairs and sit her down near me but off. I like the fact that many sticks let them stay on during charging so they can look around and interact but she’s running dogslife and this isn’t one of those unfortunately. (all the more reason I need my freaking Life2 stick) Gah, the frustrating woes of a robot owner.

Yep, I do this quite a bit. My two aibo’s docks are situated right next to my illustration desk so they’re always near me, I find keeping them in viewing distance can revive me if I get a bit worn down with course work. I even sometimes take a break to pose and photograph them if the work gets too much to handle.

Robots seem to be very effective emotional tools for many purposes, that’s why I believe that each household should have one to improve human well-being.